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Amanda the Adventurer Game Online Play Free Now

The curse, which should become retribution, is back on your screens in the full version. A sweet girl who returns to her Aunt Katie’s house in an attempt to solve all the mysteries. The girl finds a letter that sends her to the attic. And instead of leaving money or other valuables as a legacy, Amanda gets a handful of riddles.

Each of them is unique in its own way, which makes the game a good retro quest. Find all the secrets in this attic while solving puzzles along the way. Lots of paths that lead you to cassettes. Look through each one to get the gist of this convoluted story.

Little girl in a big terrible world

In contrast to the very controversial plot, the gameplay mechanics are a success. The game literally forces you to experiment, specifically they are forced to go for this tenacious secrets. There are moments that it is desirable to always betray the cleansing fire in the oven. And when hellish history begins to happen – you have to get out. Heal your emotional wounds from loss or use the last tape for destructive deeds? This dilemma is often faced by the player.

Amanda the Adventurer differs from the representatives of this genre in its violent incomprehensibility. On the one hand, both children and adults can play it. But on the other hand, this psychological horror is suitable for destroying your understanding of the world of children’s fun. Through the prism of strange events, the developer opens up a whole world with trials, in which there are two endings. Each of them is unique in its own way and does not bode well for the main character.

Difficult cassettes and 5 steps to victory

The bewitching plot and the unsurpassed atmosphere of the game make you sit in front of the screen for many hours (especially if you have good sound and you are sitting alone in a large dark room). It’s really uncomfortable and really scary. Enemies appear out of nowhere and you get adrenaline pumped after watching the stories. Quickly enter combinations so that Amanda the Adventurer does not go berserk. Otherwise, she won’t want to be a good girl anymore.

Mystical tasks with simple things in the attic turn into a real epic of fears. And this girl is able to turn out your insides. After a couple of episodes passed, you need to take a break from what you have experienced – sometimes a couple of hours. Although the game loses in realism, the “terrifying” component is still on top. Collect 5 stickers from different cassettes to get out of this nightmare. Use hacks that will allow you to find the truth and get to the bottom of this story.

We feel what we see

The graphics in the application deserve all the praise, facial expressions, the image of shadows, objects, our only home. And what the girl looks like is just fantastic. The inventory system is amazing too. The most successful combination is when practically everything can be mixed with almost everything. Want to burn any object in the oven? Easily. It is enough to select it while playing the explorer. Your new story unfolds on the PC screen. While you are trying to find the catch, your fears will find you.