Horror Games

This game is interesting only for its psychedelic style, which is quite rare in this genre. There is high-quality sound, and normal graphics, and animation of the main character. The developers used super cool animation capture technology and decided to demonstrate this by the fact that we will see not only the face of the main character for almost the entire story.

You will be shrouded in the strangest things of the entire estate. Amanda the Adventurer is simply gorgeous, the special effects don’t seem out of place. The plot captures not only by its unusualness for the stories of this segment, but also by the very concept of what the mind looks like inside a specific cassette from the inside.

What can hook you in this darkness?

Another feature was the complete absence of any indicators on the screen, that is, there is no health indicator, no cards, no inventory. Due to this, the game looks cinematic. Attributes such as the design of the environment and the room itself, and their sounding play to achieve the atmosphere of a viscous thriller. And sometimes even primitive horror.

Not everyone will like this mood, but connoisseurs of such content will go with a bang. It is not enough just to talk about the plot, because you need to know and feel it yourself. The sound in this series is given special attention, and there is a need for good headphones with support for the spatial sound function. After all, the main “feature” is immersion in the psychosis of these films, which hardly distinguishes the real world from the creations of an inflamed brain.

There are puzzles related to the positioning of the main character, requiring a look from a certain angle. Implemented very cool, and requires constant walking around the location, but do not cause discomfort. The images are leveled out by excellent graphics and sound in progress. The main advantages can be called – a worthy graphic component, spatial sound, atmospheric ambient, penetrating immersiveness, realistic facial animation, and a storyline.