Horror Games

The storyline of the game comes down to constant walking around the “mad” house, lighting the premises, searching for objects, and most importantly, hiding from all sorts of poltergeists. By genre, this project should be assessed as indie horror. The horror part, I must say, is well done: creepy sounds, incomprehensible rustles, squeaks. Being here is not that very scary, but the player will be able to experience a decent amount of stress. Here it is necessary to note the complexity of the passage.

At the beginning it will be difficult to understand what is generally required to do here. The events of Amanda the Adventurer are built in such a way that the whole story depends on the order of the tapes. Events are generated randomly, and this very random can sometimes throw up simply incredible tests on the level. Indie geniuses were able to create a project that has no analogues, and the visual design claims the right to be presented at a contemporary art exhibition. This is a new gaming experience, this is something atmospheric and frightening, admiration and fear, madness and genius.

What could be recorded on these tapes?

The atmosphere was created beyond praise. Creepy uninvited guests, stylish and gloomy design, combined with sounds and music, drive the player crazy. When a game turns on a TV in a gloomy room with an obsessive record and tests, you can be scared a lot more than when you see a screamer in one of the many horror films.

The house is not very simple. There are a lot of misunderstandings in it, but the main character goes there very rarely and therefore a complete mess is going on in these rooms and something goes wrong. Recently, the hero is not sweet. She realizes that something strange is happening, namely that some strange puzzles appear in the house at night, which disappear and reappear. The main goal is to fulfill the aunt’s will and find all the missing details of this quest. Only then will you be able to put the whole picture together and enjoy the adventures of Amanda the Adventurer.