Horror Games

A little girl who was left all alone enclosed in the space at the top of the house. She has to go through many trials in order to find out the truth of her story. Her aunt left her a wrapped ball with various obstacles as a legacy. You have to collect cassettes in the game. By completing each task, you will be one step closer to the nightmare that is destined for you.

A huge number of clues and a variety of Easter eggs will lead you to an unforgettable experience. Simple, but very understandable 2D graphics, which are familiar to many since childhood. This is what allows you to play in a relaxed state. You do not expect a catch from such a development. But when strange things happen on the screen, and you can’t explain them, the fun begins.

Opening the veil to Amanda’s strange world

The most simple, but hard to explain task is included in each test. You can play tapes and answer questions. You can use everything in this attic. The game allows you to combine different equipment and artifacts that you can use. Amanda the Adventurer will not surprise you with locations or intense combat. Only the war of your consciousness with itself awaits you. A lot of pictures arise in your imagination after what you see. And these Damned cassettes will lead you one day to one of the endings. No matter how much you try to please this little girl, there is always a catch. Will you be able to cope with all the troubles on her way?