Horror Games

The game’s plot is both simple and heavy at the same time, it is both a virtue and a drawback. The thing is that we are completely, as we are used to, not explained what to do. Before everything, you have to think for yourself how to evaluate this innovation. But be that as it may, it is very interesting to play, despite the monotony of actions. As for the main feature. To feel it when you play it at night with headphones, only then will you really feel the whole idea.

You can fully immerse yourself in it, becoming the main character. Despite the two-dimensionality of the graphics, it is drawn well, the events look really creepy and sometimes it’s just scary to turn on this or that room. The sounds will scare you just endlessly, it’s great. Amanda the Adventurer is a cumulative experience of many nightmares brought to life on a small TV screen.

Strange things begin to happen in this attic, reality and nightmares begin to intertwine, and with each tape, as you see and explore the house, you become more and more confused between reality and dream. You will encounter more and more strange things! The gameplay is non-standard, you will have to make night rounds, which will change more and more every night. And you will have to listen carefully (literally) to the recordings, the voices that will tell you how to play further.

Supernatural mysticism on record

The game is great at working out those very elements of mystification for those who are trying to put everything on the shelves. History is full of mysteries, including strange messages, which often provide instructions to those passing through the story. However, after seeing these messages, will you dare to answer? Amanda the Adventurer – for those who need an adrenaline rush or just not a big fright.

There are no overtly bloody scenes. The graphics fit perfectly into the idea and immerse the player even more into the story, making them feel like it. Start from building a logical chain to achieve a result. It turns out that after thinking a little, you need to build a logical series of items that will be provided to you in order to achieve goals in a particular mission.