Horror Games

This is a very unusual experiment, which means that the gaming industry is growing and developing, trying something new, always successful. And here only the one who does nothing is not mistaken. If you have never heard about the adventures of this girl, then you have lost a lot. Only the lazy one does not know about these adventures and cassettes. Do you have the courage to go to this house to face these oddities? You just think, what if you are not going there and you have to return. The graphics for mechanics are very chic, which is worth the crazy eyes of the main character.

However, Amanda the Adventurer has a whole bunch of mental disorders. As you progress through the game, you’ll understand what it’s like to have these kinds of disorders, and you’ll feel them in your own skin. The developers qualitatively and believably showed these kinds of fears, which are still mostly taboo in the media. The developers have extensively studied the problem of mental disorders, and became carriers of a new terrible idea. If you want a high quality interactive adventure then this story is for you.

What can surprise you in the attic?

The music track in progress is just great. Amanda the Adventurer is remarkable for its extraordinary content, similar to the real art of the artist. She is very realistic in the facial expression of the main character, beautiful in staging scenes, which creates the impression of a live theater. Play world is filled with breathtaking places and a very beautiful control system.

The girl wrinkles her nose funny, listens in surprise to the voices from the TV. Automatically bends under the yoke of their desires. Already in the first half hour you will be able to feel all the pain and difficulties of your trip to this house. The voices of the spirits advise in defiance: some – to return and forget everything, others – to run while we still can, others urge – “Well, what is there, on the next cassette?” You will play until you find all the clues and reach the ending. Sometimes there are visions that are very difficult to distinguish from reality – this is one of the powerful psychological components of this story.

The feeling is very creepy when you control a character, but you see everything as if from the side – you pay special attention to this in the main points. In such moments, you see only the girl’s face, her impressions – and she looks only at you, declares to you, scolds, cries and convulses. Naturally, there are several scenes of such a project, but they can most of all help to imbue the heroine herself and her fate and life. A life that is entirely spent in darkness, with extraneous voices inside the head – and a completely different view of the world.