Horror Games

The girl who was punished for her actions. She goes to hell until she atones for her sins. She has a long way to go at the cost of her life. You need to complete all the tasks on the way out of hell. Every single episode is a weird mess. Along the way, everything around wants to rip out your heart.

You have only few mostly important things for yourself. Creepy Tale 3 plunges you into the abyss of passion and desire. Redeem yourself for all your shortcomings. And it will give you a chance to get out with your heart. A capricious spoiled girl who has to improve.

Creepy creatures will come to the surface to teach this girl a lesson and teach her manners. Sometimes it seems everything to be lost. But a new idea of a way out always comes to mind. Watch what is happening so as not to fall into the trap in your reality. Learn how not to behave with your soul.