Horror Games

Every time you participate in a war, you are looking for allies on the opposite side. It is this skill that will be useful to you this time. Learn to support the most important evil iron bear. And then Gregory will have a chance to live at least until morning in this crazy complex.

You will be constantly followed by a variety of monsters who are ready to squeeze the last juice out of you. You need to learn to distinguish them by steps and even by breathing. If you learn to anticipate the approach of any animatronic, you will have a chance to defeat him. When you can choose the tactics of attack or defense in time.

The game with this plot has been developing for many years and attracts the widest audience. There is no place for fear and expectation. You have only a few moments to make a decision on which your future fate will depend. Find the strength in yourself to stay alive until the morning – then you can prove to the world the existence of these iron creatures.