Horror Games

She is small and somewhat strange. It is possible that there is some correct message in it, but it is shown in some wild way. Try to guess what the creator wanted to say to all of these. And so, we play as a little girl. She is direct and naive. She has a voice in her head that offers to play Little Misfortune for a fee. And thus pulls her out of the house.

Physically, there is little to do here. Basically, we just choose something, on which the ending will depend. There is not only one ending. One of her factors is also scattering sparkles in the right places. What seems to be just a childish fantasy can change the ending, complete it, and make it more positive.

On the main screen, you can already see how magical the idea is. There is an opportunity to save 6 times, but there is also an auto save. There are settings in which you can fix everything for yourself: sound, screen resolution, keyboard or mouse control.