Horror Games

At first, everything seems very simple, the kittens are going to defeat the chanterelles. Once they’ve been hurt more than they have hit points, the level ends. But over time, things get more complicated. There is no need to fight, it happens automatically, the one who has higher characteristics and more lives wins.

There are characteristics that need to be improved intelligently. This can be done by collecting fish or taking costumes from foxes. Costumes are taken from various characters. It could be the same Krueger as Freddy or Superman, or it could be a character from some time. If you collect one suit, the kitten gets a name. But you can collect your own from different sets of clothes and get bonuses in the game.

In the second part, things got even more complicated. Now, if you collect a certain costume completely, you can get some kind of special skill that allows you, for example, to open chests. The melody is pleasant, not annoying, especially at any time you can turn off the sound. The eyes do not get tired, the colors are not poisonous, moderately bright.