Horror Games

A secret film that will bring another branch in the development of this girl’s story. The character who accompanied the girl for a long time before the release of this record. Even then it was worth guessing that something was wrong with this Wooly. He, too, wants to be part of an unforgettable puzzle race. That is why he throws up a task that is almost impossible to solve. But the only thing that distinguishes him from all the other characters in this game. He was not afraid to tell the players the truth about what would happen to them.

If the films are not destroyed in time, or not all of them, you risk losing your own life. You will have to work hard to fulfill the terms of this deal. When you first started your journey, you could not even imagine that it would gain such momentum. Help them make a cake and do whatever they ask for. This character clearly knows the whole truth, you just need to try to get it out of him.

An unusual approach to secondary characters

When you have such a fantasy and you are looking for other ways to overthrow this Nightmare, the sheep comes to the fore. A very sweet and likable creature, which in fact turns out to be not who she imagines herself to be. Amanda the Adventurer will become a vicious circle due to the requests of this character. But if you appease him in time, you can play without obstacles and enlist his support. Why was this particular animal chosen for such a nightmare? Why didn’t the developers choose some scarier beast? Perhaps this is the paradox.

A white fluffy animal a priori cannot be evil and scary. Well, the writers in this game have a completely different opinion. With great effort, developers refute the obvious and will be able to prove to ordinary users that even behind white, something black is sometimes hidden. Don’t look for a reason to stop, as you are already absorbed in this story. There is no way back from home. You can only do everything in your power to bring yourself closer to the denouement. Otherwise, you will remain the eternal prisoner of this strange attic until you find the determination to complete this quest.